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Pine Forest Residence 1
rezydencja nad jeziorem
Rezydencja rozłożysta 3
Rezydencja z widokiem na sad
Pine Forest Residence 2
Stretching Residence 2
Southern Moderna Villa
Dom z okrągłym wykuszem
Rezydencja Toni
Residence with a Two-Storey Winter Garden
Willa ma planie koła
Willa Moderna z atrium
Toscana Villa
Rezydencja rozłożysta
Rezydencja parterowa 4
Rezydencja parterowa 2
Rezydencja z klinkieru i piaskowca
rezydencja na planie wachlarza
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Moderna Villa with an Atrium


Houses with Swimming Pools

A modern residence designed for a plot with an entry from the West or the North. Multiple oval elements of the silhouette make the villa face the South. The two-storey living zone connects with a swimming pool into one whole. Garages are attached to the building through a glass connector. The roofs over the swimming pool and the leisure zone are covered with greenery. The main characteristic of the villa is a glass atrium extending throughout the two storeys, well-lighted through the skylight. One of the skylight glass walls has steel stairs. The atrium area consists of living and leisure rooms. The two-storey living room has large glass walls and a fireplace. The first floor consists of the extended parents` bedroom, two children’s bedrooms and a laundry room. Building size:  41m x 27m. Minimum plot size: 49m x 35m. 

domy z basenem
domy z basenem 2