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Pine Forest Residence 1
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Pine Forest Residence 2
Stretching Residence 2
Southern Moderna Villa
Dom z okrągłym wykuszem
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Residence with a Two-Storey Winter Garden
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Toscana Villa
Rezydencja rozłożysta
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Villa on a Circular Layout



A modern residence designed for a plot with an entry from the North. The main characteristic of this one-storey building on a circular layout is the swimming pool. The residence is divided into three zones: the living zone with the storage zone – to the right of the main entrance, the leisure zone in front of the main entrance, and the bedroom zone to the left of the main entrance. The circular layout of the building ensures a well-lighted space. The majority of the rooms are well-lighted from the South, and the swimming pool space is well-lighted from the sunrise until the sunset. The interior  is enriched by an extended skylight. Building size: 46,6m x 47m. Minimum plot size: 54,6m x 55m. 

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