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Hotel nad Wartą
“Na Półboru” Hotel
Dom weselny
Rozbudowa Hotelu na Półboru
“Skorpion” Bar between Zduńska Wola and Łask
Wedding House on a Circular Layout near Żyrardów
Grilowisko between Bydgoszcz and Toruń
Wedding House in Konopnica
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“Na Półboru” Hotel

The development project including an addition of a restaurant room to “Na Półboru” Hotel was made in 2010. Designing a new restaurant in the place of the existing terrace, I intended to integrate it into the architecture of the surroundings, and chose a slanted glass wall reminiscent of the slanted hotel roof. The volume of the newly created restaurant room enriches and harmoniously complements the whole. Together with a greenery expert, Krzysztof Bartosik and the investor, I designed a winter garden around the building. 

 hotel na polboru
hotel na polboru