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Moderna. Modern Houses.


Since 1992 I have been dedicated to architecture design as a co-owner of the design company “Włodarczyk & Włodarczyk Design Office”, and currently as an owner of the Moderna Design Office.

Moderna is specialized in designing private modern residencies, including interior design and construction supervision.

The investors have labeled the Moderna projects as “projects with a soul”. Referring to this idea, the Moderna logo`s mission is realized in each new design.

Throughout 20 years of a professional career, I have had the pleasure to cooperate with the celebrities from the world of business and art all over Poland.

The houses designed by Moderna are there to be seen in Magdalenka near Warsaw, Konstancin, Piaseczno, Zalesie Dolne, Trzebież, Bydgoszcz, Iława, Kraków, Zielona Góra, Chorzów, Łódź, Pabianice, Wisła, Szczyrk, Rypin and in the vicinity of Sieradz, my hometown.

Moderna cooperates with design offices whose architects provide highly professional solutions including construction and installation of sanitary, heating and electrical systems.

Apart from the projects of houses and residencies, I have designed multiple public buildings, multi-family housing and sacred buildings.


The projects include:


Church in Działoszyn,


Office Building “Canpol” near Warsaw – interior design,


Office Building “Ania”, Wieluń – interior design,


Office Building of the “Posto” Company, Wieluń, including interior design,


Production Building “Mirmatex”, Wieluń – interior design,


Commercial Building of the “Posto” Company, Wieluń, including interior design,


Commercial and Residential Building “Apteka Burchacińscy”, Wieluń,


“Niagara” Hotel, three-star hotel near Konin,


Development of a Three-Star “Na Półboru” Hotel, near Sieradz, including interior design,


Development of a Three-Star “Kamiński” Hotel – interior design,


“Na Stawach” Wedding House, near Sieradza


Wedding House in Żyrardów,


Wedding House in Dębołęka near Sieradz,


“Zielone Osiedle” Residential Building, Sieradz,


“Kotłownia” Residential Building, Sochaczew,


Multi-family Residential Building, Warsaw,


“Eskulap” Clinic, Sieradz, interior design,


Architects I have cooperated with between 1992 and 2012:


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