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Dom z wjazdem od południa
Willa nowoczesna
Wygodny dom parterowy z atrium
Stretching House
Autumn Leaf
Dom funkcjonalny
dom-na -wąską działkę
Sandstone Covered House 2
dom parterowy z wolim oczkiem
“Back to Nature” House
Willa Moderna z wydzielonym gabinetem
Moderna 1 Villa
Classical House
Klasyka z klinkierem
Dorota – House for a Family of Five
Mountain House
Project move left 4/ 20 move up

Projekty dużych  domów.Projekty domów klasycznych.

Stretching House

Modern Houses


A brilliant stylish one-storey house. Great proportions and rich details covering the façade make the design stand out in the surroundings. The ground floor includes the living zone, the private zone and the storage zone. Rarely used, the attic consists of two additional guest bedrooms and a hunter room. Additional stairs connecting the garage to the hunter room enable collision-free communication. The preferred entry to the plot – from the East. Building size: 26,5m x 18m. Minimum plot size: 34,5m x 26m.


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Projekty nowoczesnych domów - front