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M.Sc. Eng. Architect Jolanta WŁodarczyk. Modern Houses.

 I graduated from the Architecture Department of the Technical University in Łódź with the best result. My M.Sc. Eng. Thesis, written under the guidance of Prof. Henryk Jaworski, was devoted to the field of monument conservation and entitled “The Reconstruction of the Neo-Renaissance Palace in Guzów into the Hotel”.

At the University I cultivated my passion for architecture, winning numerous scholarships.

After graduation, I moved to Sieradz. Here I have been running my own architecture office, since 1992.

1995, I passed the professional recognition exam and received the architect`s licence (No 1117/95).

My project have been published in numerous architecture magazines: Murator, Rezydencje, Dom Własny, Dom i Wnętrze.

Beside architecture, my second passion is travelling. I go on tramping journeys to exotic destinations. In 2010, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. My current tramping dream is to visit Peru, walk the Inca Trail and delight in the sunset on Machu Picchu.

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